Wednesday, May 31, 2006


The 2006 D.O.M. Annual - part 1

This year's D.O.M. Annual is now over, and I'm back to work. But I have some great pictures to show and memories to share. The picture above was taken at sunrise on Fri. morning 5-26-06 from the center of our campsite, which was located at Camp "C" northeast of California City. It's hard to see, but that flag is attached to my quad. By the next morning, that same flag was flapping in the cold, blowing wind so hard it almost snapped the whip. Yep, we had desert weather: sunny and warm one day, cold and windy the next. We went from shorts and T-shirts to multi-layered sweatshirts.

I've decided to do a series of posts related to the 2006 D.O.M. Annual. I'll weave pictures of people and scenery between info regarding the weekend's activities, which were mostly races. But I don't want to make any one post soooooo long that readers get bored, so here's part one of I-don't-know-how-many. The first couple of posts will have some very special people to me: my kids - Brady and Nina. Unfortunately, my wife Laura had to work late on Fri. and all day on Sat. Me and the kids missed her, and so did many of our friends who attended the Annual. Please enjoy.

Here's Nina and Brady playing together in our trailer. They behaved pretty well this weekend; I didn't have to break up too many fights:

Here's Brady and his friends Josh and Chris pictured with Brady's go-cart:

Here's Nina and her friend Ty: Ty loves to play with Nina, and hangs out at our trailer a lot. I'll have to find the pics from last year's Annual ('05). There are some cute pics of Nina and Ty riding Nina's Barbie Jeep around camp.

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