Monday, July 28, 2008


2008 D.O.M. Annual - More Pictures

After Saturday's race events, Nina and Laura were hungry for lunch. Afterall, all that riding makes you hungry. Laura and I wanted to BBQ some hamburgers, but Nina wanted taquitos.

Somehow, I ended up feeding more than just my wife and daughter. Two other little ones came along to play with Nina, and stayed for lunch. No worries, there were plenty of hamburgers and taquitos to go around.
Here's the one that I dropped as I was flipping it. You can see that it needed to be cooked more. I hate wasting food.

This group of pros would never waste food. These folks know how to BBQ. L-R are Pablo, Butch and Queen Leslie:

To close out this post, here's a random photo taken at the Annual. For no apparent reason I took this picture of this cone:


Saturday, July 12, 2008


2008 D.O.M. Annual - Fun Around the Campfire

One of the best things about the D.O.M. club is the campfire. People gather around to talk and enjoy each other's company. It's always a good time. We've tried to capture that fun in some pictures. At this year's Annual, the weather was a little colder than normal for Memorial Day Weekend. The way people are bundled up in jackets and sweaters, one would think that these are from a ride during the winter. Here's Billy and Gaye smilin' for the camera:

Here are party-girls Patty and Laura:

Pictured here left-to-right are: Jimmy, Butch, Terry and me

Laura met a new friend at this year's Annual, Amanda. They both enjoy the same type of music and decided to bust out some dance moves:

People do silly things when they've been drinking. Case in point: Jack thought that he could sit on Claire's lap while she was sitting on a folding chair. The problem was that the chair wasn't designed to hold that much weight, and it collapsed. Claire and Jack fell to the ground. Laura tried to capture a picture of this "incident" while the two were on the ground, but the shutter didn't snap fast enough and King Dan stepped in to help them up. Sorry, all you can see is Dan's backside and part of Jack on the ground.

This is what was left of the chair after the "incident". You can also see evidence of the alcohol that caused this tragedy.

Well that's enough for this time. I still have more pictures to post, so do check back in a week or so.  Thanks, Dan.


Thursday, July 03, 2008


2008 D.O.M. Annual - People Pictures

I'm back with more pictures. This time they're of people other than my kids, my wife, or me. Well that's only part true. There's a couple with Brady and his friends. Let's start with one of the hardest working members of our club around Annual time: Ray. Here he is waving the victory flag for one of the younger kids whom just finished a scrambles race event. He's also checking his stopwatch for their time:

Ray has also helped set up the Scrambles race track for several years in a row. Ray, for all that you do, THANK YOU! Below we have David, Haley, Joey and Brady. Unfortunately, Haley is wearing a helmet and goggles, so you can't see this beautiful young lady surrounded by these handsome young gentlemen.

Here's our club King Dan ordering his subjects to bring him more beer. Excuse me your Royal Highness, but you haven't finished the beer that you're drinking.

Carol decided to take her grandson through the slalom course. What's not pictured below, but took place moments before this shot, was when Carol fell face down and the stroller fell backwards. Grandmother and Grandson are doing fine.

Joey, Jena, Nicole and Brady pose for another picture on this beautiful day:
And that concludes this post of pictures. I have a few more, so please check back later. Thanks for stopping by, Dan.


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