Wednesday, June 25, 2008


2008 D.O.M. Annual - Race Events

As I promised in my last post, here are some pictures of the actual race events that were held at the Annual. These are just of Brady and Nina. I'll post pictures that I took of other people next time. Here's Nina in her first event - the Slalom. Nina placed 3rd in her class (the Brats class) in this event.

Here's Brady in his first event - the Slalom. Brady also placed 3rd in his class (the Boys class) in this event.

Here's Nina in her second event - the Barrel Race. Nina placed 2nd in her class in this event.

Here's Brady racing to the finish line during his second event - the Barrel Race. Coincidentally, Brady also placed 2nd in his class in this event.

Here's Nina lining up for her third event - the Blow and Go. I didn't get a picture of her crossing the finish line because I had to help spot one the winners. Nina took 3rd place in her class in this event.

Here's Brady lining up for his third event - the Blow and Go. Same thing, no finishing picture, but Brady didn't actually place in one of the top three positions anyway. Something scary did happen to him though. Brady popped back onto his two rear wheels at the start of the race. He almost fell backwards. Later during this same event, but in the Men's Quad class, one of our members, Don, did just that: fell on his butt after he popped back onto his two rear wheels. When his quad came back down, it was still in gear and rolled forward several yards as if it were running the race un-manned.
That's it for this post. Thanks again for stopping by. My offer still stands for any club members who want me to post any of their pictures on this blog.


Tuesday, June 10, 2008


2008 D.O.M. Annual - Family Pictures

Well it took a bit longer than I planned, but I finally got around to posting some pictures of the D.O.M. Annual, which took place over the recent Memorial Day Weekend. The delay in getting these posted is not due to me being lazy; it’s because I’ve had to wait my turn to use the family computer. Brady had been working on a big project for school and needed to use it much of the time over the past few weeks. His homework project turned out great!

This might sound selfish, but the first batch of pictures is just of our family. In the next post I'll have pictures of other club members and their family and friends. I didn’t realize until I started downloading the 100+ pictures from our camera, but we didn’t take a single picture of all four of us. So all I can do is show you two or three of us at a time.

This first picture is of Brady and Nina. I don't know when it was taken, but the open area that you can see in the background is nearby to where the field events were held.

This next one was taken on Saturday morning, and the field events were definitely taking place right behind us. You can see the spectator's area to the left.

This one was taken right after Nina finished one of her races.

This one was taken on Sunday morning. The area right behind Laura and Nina is the small scrambles track where the younger kids run their race.

Laura and I love Brady's smile in this one, but I'm sure Laura will give me grief for posting it. It was taken Sunday night at the campfire when we were having some fun. I have more pictures of the Sunday night campfire, but I'll post them all together as a group.

Well I hope you enjoyed this batch. In my next post I’ll show some pictures of some of the racing events that took place at the Annual


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