Thursday, June 01, 2006


The 2006 D.O.M. Annual - part 2

I wanted these pics on part 1. I had difficulties posting pics on my blog yesterday. Anyway, here's Brady on Mom's quad:

Here's Nina flying a kite for the very first time! The wind was blowing so hard it was actually easy to get the kite to ascend when we started. Keeping Nina from flying away with it was the hard part.

And just in case you think someone is holding the string off camera in the above pic, below is proof that she's really flying the kite:

Finally, here's me and Nina in our trailer after the races ended Sat. Please note - my face looks like that because of the wind and the cold (I was standing outside for over 4 hours helping with the races). And yes Laura, I drank plenty of water - see that bottle behind me? That's not that Rocky Mountain brew I like so much.

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