Sunday, June 04, 2006


The 2006 D.O.M. Annual - part 5

Since this is the Lord's Day I thought it would be appropriate to post pics of some of the Lord's work, and how mankind has altered it. These are just a few samples of the pics I took on Fri. morning. I previously mentioned the weather over the Memorial Day weekend and how it differed from day to day. On the day these pics were taken I rode my quad around wearing shorts and a T-shirt because it was warm. Within 24 hours, the temperature dropped about 25 degrees.

This is a pole at the intersection of two large dirt roads. You can see the water tank (a local landmark) in the background. It's hard to see it, but the pole has the initials D.O.M. painted on it in the club colors - blue and gold. Many years ago, some club members painted this. It's way overdue for a re-paint. I wonder if I know anyone in the paint industry?

Here is Galileo peak (another local landmark):

Here is an old barn by the road we take to access this off highway riding area. I've passed it many times over the years, but have never been this close. It's a lot bigger (and run down) than it appears from the road.

This Joshua tree is closer to our camp (Camp "C"). It's actually not the best looking Joshua tree in the area - I have another pic that I will post at a later time that I like much better. This particular tree below has some significance to the family of Elmer Keyes.

Here's why. There's a memorial marker for Mr. Keyes at the base of the tree. I don't know Mr. Keyes, nor do I know how he passed. My guess is that there might have been a fatal riding accident on Thanksgiving weekend in 1997, but I don't really know.

More scenic and people pictures in the week to follow.

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