Tuesday, June 06, 2006


The 2006 D.O.M. Annual - part 6

Today I will continue posting pics of the Annual, but back to the people. This time the theme will be "other activities" (as opposed to racing). As I've written in previous posts this is a family-orientated club. Most of us share the same passion for riding our desert toys. Several friendships have developed within the club, and it was the club that brought us together. At night in the center of the camp we have a big campfire. We get together and talk, laugh, drink, tell stories, sing, etc.

Here is a great example of that. Terry and Robin joined the D.O.M. when my wife and I were Queen and King of the club, and we have become good friends. About a year ago, they were blessed with this beautiful baby girl - Elyssa. Here they are:

This year on Sat. night of the Annual we had a raffle. We hold raffles throughout the riding season. The raffles are one way the club generates operating income to offset club expenses. People donate whatever they want and tickets are sold. Then one item at a time, the King and Queen call out tickets drawn at random from the lot, and the winner comes up and claims their "prize". Pictured here is Queen Casey and King Kenny blinded by the setting sun holding the raffle.

On Sun. night of every Annual the awards ceremony is held. If you want a complete description of the events, classes and awards, please read this previous post by clicking here. But if you just want to see todays pics, please continue. Here is a pic of Fred - a longtime member cheering on one of the winners. This is the 1st year since I've been a member that Fred was not directly involved in starting/timing the races. Last Annual he announced his retirement, but he still wanted to help out by passing out the ribbons and trophies.

One of the many traditions of the awards ceremony is as follows: The winners come up and receive their ribbon or trophy, and get a hug from the trophy girl or trophy boy. Now most of the time this is very cute, but sometimes a person's shyness gets in the way and there is no hug. This seems to be more evident with middle school-aged kids, which is why I don't have a picture of my son Brady hugging the trophy girl (Princess Nicole). Instead, here is a younger girl hugging the trophy boy as she receives her trophy:

One of the highlights of the awards ceremony is when the new King and Queen is announced. This year King Kenny and Queen Casey handed over the throne to King Dan (not me - I've already been King) and Queen Leslie. The new King (Dan) is the brother of the former Queen (Casey). Here is King Dan sitting on his throne wearing his crown. Former Princess Lisa brings him a beer as former Queen Casey drinks to Dan's reign.

Oh yes, I still have more pics to show. Stay tuned!

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