Thursday, June 08, 2006


The 2006 D.O.M. Annual - part 8

My people pictures are running out so I thought I would post some scenery pics. The area around Camp "C" where we stayed is several miles away from the closest town - California City. Many years ago, developers planned to expand California City further into the desert. Streets were graded, utilities were provided and some construction began. I don't know exactly what happened or why, but no one moved in. I can imagine why; it's MILES away from civilization, and it gets the extreme weather the desert provides: freezing cold winters, burning hot summers, and constant wind - not just a breeze, a blast. So, what now remains are empty lots separated by steets (mostly unpaved, but some paved) with street signs at every intersection. Also what remains is evidence of other utilities (water pipes, electrical junction boxes, etc.).

Now don't misunderstand. There are a few houses in the area. Just a couple of years ago I saw one under construction, which is now complete and occupied. I think the residents in this area are modern-day hermits, but they might be perfectly content with living this way - far away from others. So check these out.

You're driving along a paved street, and suddenly the pavement ends:

Here's one of the many street signs left up. This one is located at the corner of Rutgers and Santa Clara, and has bullet holes in it.

I can't figure out what this was used for. It appears to be a concrete structure, but with no roof and obviously open ended. It's now an art canvas for graffiti. You can barely see the water tank in the background (left of center).

Here's the biggest landmark around, the water tank. The D.O.M. club has camped here before, but not for the Annual. I assume the tank has water in it, and supplies the homes in the area.

And finally for this post, here's the sign pointing people back to Cal City "proper":

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