Friday, June 09, 2006


The 2006 D.O.M. Annual - part 9

More scenery pics today. Here's that Joshua tree I like so much. I told you about this tree on this earlier post. Apparently I'm not the only one that likes this tree; there are trails from all directions leading to here:

As you approach the area where the D.O.M. camps - at the point the main road turns off onto a side street - the first club signs appear. Ours is the orange sign on the right. A club member made these a few years back. They're made of plywood mounted to a steel rod. It's the responsibility of the D.O.M. club King and Queen (or their designees) to put our signs out for the arriving members and other attendees to the rides. Unfortunately, other groups of people use paper plates with family names written on them and tape them to the bushes. These don't hold up very well and often tear off and blow into the desert. That's called pollution. The sign on the left belongs to another group and is secure enough (heavy stock paper stapled to a wood stake). We use this method too.

Here's another D.O.M. sign where this particular dirt road ends. As you can see, other groups of people leave direction signs out. You can barely make out another area landmark in the background. It's called the ant hill. You can see the ant hill from all sides and it looks the same - like an ant hill in a field.

Here's a close up of the ant hill. It's actually a steep mound of dirt that a lot of people ride up and down. Mororcycle and quad trails have carved paths in the hillside.

Here's a view of Camp "C" from the dirt road leading down to camp taken from the crest of the hill. Unless you've been here, it's hard to appreciate how large the riding and camping area is. At the very center of the pic, you can barely make out small white dots in a large clearing in the middle of the sage bush. That's a group of trailers and motorhomes that will more than triple in number within 24 hours of when this pic was taken on Fri. morning of Memorial Day Weekend. This picture is taken from the opposite direction than the sunrise pic was taken that opens my series of posts about the 2006 D.O.M. Annual. Click here to see that pic.

A daytime pic of the same ridge from my position in the above pic can also seen by clicking here then scrolling down to the pic of my daughter Nina. The ridge is behind her in the distance.

One more day of pictures, and I will be ALMOST done with the 2006 D.O.M. Annual. I need to wait until I receive my club newsletter in the mail before I post the results of the awards and trophies from the races.

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