Thursday, January 04, 2007


Thanksgiving Ride At Charlie's Place (part 3)

Well I hope you didn't think I would forget to post the third part of this series? Well, I've been busy. Really busy. I've actually taken a hiatus on posting on my other blog. I just have too many things going on between work and home life. Take a look at the title of this post for example: Thanksgiving Ride At Charlie's Place (part 3). Thanksgiving. That was not one, but THREE major holidays ago!

Anyway, these pictures were all taken the last day of the ride weekend - Nov. 26. One of the things we occasionally do is stop at a restaurant on the way home to take a break from all the traffic. This time we stopped at the Original Roadhouse Grill in Victorville and were joined by former King & Queen Kenny & Casey, and hopefully future King & Queen Butch & Patti.

This first picture is of Nina and Cassie. Unfortunately, Cassie (and her family) didn't get to join us out at Charlie's Place, but we were glad she could join us for lunch this afternoon:

In this picture all the kids are shown: Back - Cassie, Nicole, Brady; Center - Lisa, Katlin, Joey, Amanda; Front - Nina.

In this picture most of the "big kids" are shown: Back - Butch; Center - Patti, Laura; Front - Casey, Kenny. I say most of the big kids because I'm not shown. I'm taking the picture.
So that's it. The final post in this series. I hope you enjoyed it. I'll try to post something before the next D.O.M. ride, at least the next one I attend. Laura and I planned on going to the New Years ride at Ocotillo Wells, but things were too hectic around Christmastime.

If there are any D.O.M. club members reading this blog, I sure would appreciate some feedback. Even if it's that you don't like it, or disagree with something I've written.

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