Sunday, May 20, 2007


Annual Time-a She Comes

(It sounds funny to me when I say it with an Italian accent)

Anyway, I thought I better drop a post on this blog before I start getting those pesky Run Time Error messages. So here's an update from my D.O.M. point of view:

In a few days we will be heading out to the desert for the Annual Field Event. This is the premier ride event of our club's season. Since I haven't been riding since March, I'm overcome with anticipation.

For your entertainment I've attached a link to my post from a year ago that talked about what I did to prepare for the ride. (click here)

Also for informational purposes, if you want to know what goes on at a D.O.M. Annual, click here and here.

This year we have a digital camera, so we anticipate far better quality pictures than I took last year with our old 35mm Minolta. Last year Laura couldn't join me and the kids because she had to work on Memorial Day Weekend. Her employer did a software conversion that couldn't interrupt regular weekday business.

So this year it's all four of us, and for the first time at an Annual, all four of us will have quads. This should be the funnest Annual we've ever attended. I'll give you the highlights in a couple of weeks.

howdy howdy.

michele sent me to say hello!
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