Thursday, June 28, 2007


Award Night of the Annual

Continuing with my story of this year's Annual . . . Sunday night is when the ribbons and trophies are presented to the people who won the race events. I'm still waiting for my newsletter which will re-cap for me all the winners in all the classes. I'll publish that just like I did last year. I'll just cover my family in this post.

Here's my son Brady getting a ribbon for one of his race events. I don't remember exactly which one this was; he ended up winning four ribbons (one for each event). Fred Weir is presenting him with the ribbon, and as you can see he (Fred) is shouting with excitement. Fred's son's ear is in the foreground of the picture. I wish I had the tallent to edit that out.
Brady ended up taking a 2nd place trophy in his class. Brady is in the "Boys Class", which also competes for a prestigous award known as the Dirk Harbor Trophy. Dirk Harbor was a member many years ago, long before I joined the D.O.M. club. Dirk loved riding motorcycles, but tragically passed away from cancer when he was still a boy. His spirit lives on in our hearts today with this perpetual trophy in his memory.

Here's my daughter Nina with the one ribbon she won. It was for 3rd place in Slalom race.
Nina had a lot of fun this year, which was her first as a particapant in the race events. Hopefully next year she will do even better and win more ribbons, or maybe even a trophy.

As you can see, there are no pictures of me with my ribbons or a trophy. As Charlie Brown said in the Peanuts' Halloween episode: "I got a rock." Yes folks, I got nothin' - not even a participant ribbon for having entered two events. (I raced in the Slalom and Barrel races, but didn't bother with the Blow and Go race, as I would have been left behind in everyone else's dust. I also didn't race in the Scrambles, as I was helping on the race course with a warning flag.)

After all the awards were handed out, the last order of business was to name the new King and Queen. Well there isn't a new royal couple - the same couple (Dan and Leslie McGee) are going for a second lap.

Okay, there's only one more part to my Annual store: the ride home. I'll have that post for you in a day or two.


I have to say again, all this looks like alot of fun. How big is this thing?
It's tons of fun. As far as how big - not as big this year as in year's past.

Try to imagine being in the desert and coming around the bend of a dune and seeing what appears to be about one hundred white rectangle Legos scattered on the side of a sand dune.

Then as you get closer, the white Legos become larger than you � and you realize your in the middle of the largest recreation trailer lot you�ve ever seen. The sound of classic rock and the smell of BBQ is everywhere.

There's a bon fire in the middle of your camp that will melt sand into glass. Good friends visit and compare stories of their adventures of riding in the desert. Sigh.

Pardon me, I need a moment alone.
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