Saturday, June 23, 2007


Day One of the Annual

Continuing from my first post about the '07 Annual . . . Things did in fact get better. The journey to get to Cal City continued on Fri. morning of Memorial Day Weekend at 5:00 a.m. when I woke up after less than 4 hours of sleep. I got out of my comfortable bed (the passenger seat of our pick up truck) and went into the trailer to wake Laura. I wanted to warn her that I was going to continue driving. She barely woke long enough to acknowledge. So off I drove to complete the last leg of the journey - from Mojave to Cal City.

This was a relatively short drive, as the two cities are only about 15 miles away from each other. However, the part of Cal City we camp at is called Camp C, and is about 20 miles deeper into the desert. Half of that is hard packed dirt road; the bumpy and sometimes washboard type that is nearly impossible to sleep through.

It was exactly 6:30 a.m. when I finally reached the bottom of the hill and rolled into Camp C. To my surprise there was hardly anyone there. I recognized the Weir's trailer (traditionally the first arrivals), the Woldridge's trailer, the McGee's trailer (our club King and Queen), the Wonnell's motorhome, and the Perez's diesel pusher. I would have thought a few more people would have arrived by now. Oh well, I made it and still had all day long to be with my family and friends, ride my quad, drink my beer, and not deal with work.

So I began to unpack the quads and equipment while Laura and the kids slept. Nina eventually woke up to "help". After all the work was finally done - it was time to play. Time to go on a family ride; a putt-putt as I call it, because a real ride would have been a much longer trip covering a lot more distance, usually with a destination to reach (and then return from). So Laura, Nina and I went on a little ride. I don't remember why Brady didn't join us, maybe he wanted to hang with some friends who had since arrived.

So finally, without further delay, some pictures. Let me point out that I was not in charge of photography this year. Last year Laura had to stay at home due to work, and I took many pictures with our old Minolta that used a four-letter word: film. This year we had a digital camera that Laura and I bought each other for our anniversary? Or was it for Christmas? Hell, I don't remember; I never get to use it. The neat thing about it is that it also takes video, which I can't show you here. So you get a handful of pictures to look at.

First up is me and Laura, taken by Laura herself. (It only took about four attempts to get this shot, as the first three chopped my forehead in half)
Now when I hold the camera and take the picture - we're in the center of the frame. One attempt; one successful shot. That's right, one time baby. One time!
Since I can obviously operate a camera better than . . . someone else, here's a picture I took of my two favorite ladies in the world:
Looking closely at the above picture, it seems that Nina is wearing her goggles over her mouth and not her eyes. The dust pattern looks like it covers her upper cheeks, and that it's clean over her mouth. With me it's the other way around. I end up looking like a raccoon.

After the three of us finished our ride, we came back to camp for lunch. Later on Fri. afternoon, Brady, Nina and I went over to the little track to do some laps. We posed for this picture. I'm the fat ass wearing a stupid Corona straw hat. That expensive-looking diesel pusher behind me is parked where the group next to the D.O.M. usually camps. This year it was obvious that the high price of gas has taken a toll on those of us who participate in this type of sport. It was noticeably less crowded this year as compared to year's past. Not only with our own group, but in general. For as long as I can remember, another club has been parked right next to the D.O.M. - the Jackrabbits. We have had a friendly relationship with this other club over the years, as they too have an event on Memorial Day Weekend. We've had scramble tracks side-by-side, and have even changed trails to keep from having race routes come too close to each other. This year, the Jackrabbits were a no show.

Okay, that's all for this post. The next post will cover day one of our annual field events.


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