Sunday, August 12, 2007


The 2007-2008 Season Approaches

Well we finally received our post-annual D.O.M. newsletter. I must say that I was a bit disappointed that there was no recap of the results of the 2007 Annual Field Events. After all, this is the club's biggest event of the season, and I'm sure most of the club members would like to see their names and their placement in the events. Besides, not every club member was at the annual, and I know of at least one who had to leave before the awards night. They have no other way of knowing who placed in each event or won in the overall class. I've been in the club for about 12 or 13 years now, and there has always been a newsletter publishing the field event winners.

Now in all fairness to the King & Queen, they apologized for the delay in getting the newsletter out, and explained that they had computer problems. Okay, but the results of the race events are not stored on any computer; they're tabulated on - what do they call it? - PAPER.

Okay, I'm done venting. As a former club King I know first hand how challenging the job is. But my wife (Queen) and I made every effort to timely publish a newsletter following each ride of the season, and recap the field event winners.

Looking forward to next season, our first ride of the year is the weekend of Sept. 21, 22, & 23. As usual, the club will be going to Lucerne Valley. This riding area is known as Cougar Buttes, and is part of the Johnson Valley OHV area. All are welcome to join us.


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