Sunday, August 26, 2007


2007-2008 Season Schedule

I was going to post this on my family blog as part of a weekend update. However, since it's more closely related to the D.O.M. club than the other topics on my family blog I'll leave it here instead.

Last night (Sat. 8-25) Laura, the kids, and I went to a barbecue hosted by our good friends Butch & Patty, & their kids, Joey & Amanda. Also in attendance were other members of the D.O.M. club: Dan & Leslie (the club King & Queen); Kenny & Casey, & two of their daughters, Nicole & Katlin; Pablo & Carol; and Jack & his wife, and their daughter. Butch & Patty are great hosts, very friendly, and fun to be with. It was a very enjoyable evening, and we had a good time visiting with friends whom we usually only see during the ride season.

As I've said in the past, whenever two or more D.O.M. club members are together, the topic turns to the club. This was the case last night too. But actually, there was a little bit of encouragement by Leslie, our Queen. Leslie brought with her the D.O.M. ride schedule for 2007-2008. She had accidentally forgotten to publish that information in the recent newsletter. Some of the ride locations were filled in, but others were left blank.

So we kicked around the idea of going to Dumont Dunes for the October ride, and everyone seemed to be in favor. I like Dumont, even though our family's quads are not equipped for sand. There are plenty of trails to ride at Dumont, so I'm not too concerned that we can't ride the sand dunes.

One more comment before I publish the schedule: Kenny mentioned to me that his daughter Nicole regularly reads this blog, and that he himself has read some posts. That was very encouraging to hear, because I've rarely gotten any feedback on this blog (despite giving the address to many people in the club). My family blog gets regular readers and some of them leave comments, but I wasn't sure if this blog was being read by anyone other than me. So thank you for reading, Nicole.

So here's the schedule, with locations that have been decided upon to date:
Sept. 21-23 = Lucerne Valley (click here and here to see other web pages about the area)
Oct. 19-21 = Dumont Dunes (click here to see another web page about the area)
Nov. 22 (Thanksgiving) -25 = Charlie's Place (click here and here to see other web pages)
Dec. 28 - Jan. 1 = Ocotillo Wells (click here to see another web page about the area)
Jan. 18-20 = Lucerne Valley (I don't normally call attention to my own birthday, but it happens to fall right in the middle of this ride weekend. I can't think of a better way to spend my birthday than to have my wife & kids with me while we all ride our quads together)
Feb. 15-18 = TBD
Mar. 14-16 = TBD
April 18-20 = TBD
May 23-26 (Memorial Day Weekend) = California City ('08 D.O.M. Annual Field Events)

So that's it. Remember, when in doubt - flee to the desert and ride with the other DOMers!


What would you have to upgrade to allow dune riding?
For me, just tires with paddles. For my wife and kids, tires with paddles and courage.
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