Saturday, March 15, 2008


Still Here, But Not Riding Quads

Another month, another missed ride. We didn’t go to the February ride over Presidents’ weekend, and we’re not out there this weekend with the D.O.M. club. What are we doing? Other things. Brady is attending a dance tonight, and will have some friends over tomorrow to work on a homework project. Nina played her softball game this afternoon. They won, and Nina got an R.B.I. I worked the snack shack earlier this morning, and Laura handed out the league’s team pictures all day at the field.

After some recent weather – the variety that most of the world is envious of, as it has been warm and sunny like a pleasant summer day – we got some cold, windy, cloudy, and sometimes rainy weather this weekend. I’m glad I’m in my nice warm house, and not out in the desert, were I’m sure it’s considerably colder and windier.

So where is the club this weekend? Dove Springs. It’s been a few years since I’ve been there; and it may be years before I return there again. If Nina joins softball next year; it’ll be the same thing: either practice or games between February and April. I like Dove Springs. There’s the canyon that we camp in, which has riding close by where one can ride up the canyon walls. In the past, the club has taken rides to Jawbone Canyon, the Burro Schmidt Tunnel, and other local destinations. Oh well, maybe some other time.

I’m still planning on taking the family to the Annual over Memorial Day Weekend. That ride location is California City. Stay tuned if you are so inclined.


Jawbone Canyon sounds like my kind of place! Good to see you're occassional blogging.

Thanks for stopping by. Jawbone Canyon and nearby Dove Springs is the place.
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