Friday, May 30, 2008


2008 D.O.M. Field Events High Points Winners

Continuing from my last post, here are the high points winners for this year's Annual. All persons listed were awarded a trophy:

Pee Wee class

1st Place = Christopher Ayala
2nd Place = Trevor Barron
3rd Place = Mayleena Ayala

Brats class

1st Place = Scotty Barron
2nd Place = Nina Aguirre
3rd Place = Michael Disario

Girls class

1st Place = Katlin Ingram
2nd Place = Amanda See
3rd Place = Jena Quiros

Boys class

1st Place = Steven Disario
2nd Place = Brady Aguirre
3rd Place = Chris Warren

Over 40 Trophy (formerly known as the Old-Timers Trophy)
(awarded to the person over 40 with the highest overall points)

Tim Weir

Harry Essres Trophy - in memory of one of the D.O.M. club founding members
(awarded to the person with the highest overall points in any of the following classes:
"Girls", "Women's Quad", "Men's Quad", or "AA")

Katlin Ingram

Dirk Harbor Trophy - in memory of a former child member who died of cancer
(awarded to the person with the highest overall points in the "Boys" class)

Steven Disario

Spirit Trophy
(awarded to the person(s) who provide outstanding club spirit and support)

Butch and Patty Fitzjerrells

Craig Hauptman Trophy - in memory of a member who passed away this year
(awarded to the person with the highest overall points in the "Men's Quad" class)

Tim Weir

2008-2009 King & Queen

Dan & Leslie McGhee

In my next post I will share pictures that Laura and I took over the Memorial Day weekend.
Please stop by again for a visit. All my best, Dan


Congrats to your kids for doing so well!
Thanks Diane.
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