Wednesday, May 21, 2008


My Work Is Cut Out For Me

Well I guess I have more things to do than I thought. I'll probably need more time on Thursday. How convenient! My wife has a must-attend meeting that begins at my estimated departure time (7:30 p.m.).

So here's what my things-to-do list looks like: I'll start my day tomorrow morning by waking up at the same time as if I was going to get ready for work - 4:30 a.m. (yeah, it does suck. But I'm a morning person). I'll start by doing some last minute laundry, and then cleaning up the inside of the trailer. You know, the quick once-over that I referred to in my last post. Then, after the wife has gone to work and the kids have gone to school, I'll run to the gas station to fill the extra gas cans, and top off the tank in the truck.

Then to the store for all the grocery shopping. After returning home to put away the groceries, I'll go to the tire shop and get the truck tires rotated. After that, to U-Haul to get my propane tanks filled. Then to the RV supply store to get some toilet paper (yes, RV's take special toilet paper).

Then I have an errand to do that is not related to our weekend plans. After that, I'll go to the trophy store to pick up the trophies for the awards night of the Annual. Side note: the last night of the D.O.M. Annual is awards night and guess what? Trophies are handed out to the kids who win their divisions. For several years, my wife and I have coordinated the effort of collecting old trophies at garage sales, and having them personalized at the trophy store for club purposes.

Then I have to go back home and cut up some fire wood. I'm still working on the left-overs of my property fence that was replaced last summer. When I say working on, I mean that I take old wood slats and haul them to the desert for fire wood. The slats - as is - are too big for the fire pit, so I have to cut them in half.

Finally, I have to disassemble a table that we take with us (and re-assemble it in the desert) to eat outside the trailer. Nothing like a picnic in the desert.

After I do all of that, I can connect the truck to the trailer, and load all of the equipment, clothes, food, ice chests (then load the ice chests), and do everything else I forgot to do (and mention here). By then, my wife will be home from her meeting. We'll get a good night's sleep, and then leave for the desert on Friday morning at about 5:00 a.m.

That's the plan, and I'll let you know if it changes.


I'm exhausted just reading that . . .
It has been an exhausting day. The freak thunderstorm didn't help. It caused an inconvenient delay as I had to shift gears in order to protect stuff from the rain - which lasted well over an hour.
I'm tired just reading your routine! From the looks of the results entries, looks like a good time was had by all. What a privilege to be part of this...I feel like I experienced just a slice of it through your writing!

I wanted to congratulate and thank you for being an honorable menschen for your caption submission to last week's Caption This contest. I've posted the new one and hope you'll pop in for another go-round.

I hope things are otherwise treating you well as spring heats up and we get ready for the (inevitable) summer. I need to pop in more often!
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