Thursday, July 03, 2008


2008 D.O.M. Annual - People Pictures

I'm back with more pictures. This time they're of people other than my kids, my wife, or me. Well that's only part true. There's a couple with Brady and his friends. Let's start with one of the hardest working members of our club around Annual time: Ray. Here he is waving the victory flag for one of the younger kids whom just finished a scrambles race event. He's also checking his stopwatch for their time:

Ray has also helped set up the Scrambles race track for several years in a row. Ray, for all that you do, THANK YOU! Below we have David, Haley, Joey and Brady. Unfortunately, Haley is wearing a helmet and goggles, so you can't see this beautiful young lady surrounded by these handsome young gentlemen.

Here's our club King Dan ordering his subjects to bring him more beer. Excuse me your Royal Highness, but you haven't finished the beer that you're drinking.

Carol decided to take her grandson through the slalom course. What's not pictured below, but took place moments before this shot, was when Carol fell face down and the stroller fell backwards. Grandmother and Grandson are doing fine.

Joey, Jena, Nicole and Brady pose for another picture on this beautiful day:
And that concludes this post of pictures. I have a few more, so please check back later. Thanks for stopping by, Dan.


Dan, the posts with the pictures are the best!! This whole sport just looks like so much fun.

And you can just tell the kids are having a blast!!
Thanks. It is fun, and yes, the kids love it. So do some of us kids-at-heart.
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