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Days Two and Three of the Annual

Saturday of Memorial Day Weekend is the first of two days of the Annual when field events are held. I will not go into detail about the various race events, as I've written about these before. What I will say is that this year was Nina's first time to compete in the Annual events. Here she is right before she starts her first event, the slalom race. Laura took video of this event, as well as the other two: the barrel race, and the blow and go.

Unfortunately, I don't have any other still pictures to show of the Saturday events. There is some video of Brady too, taken of a couple of his races. Laura took some video of me in my races too. Laura opted not to participate in any of the race events.

This picture of Ty Weir and Nina was taken on Sat. during the field events while they were waiting for their class to race.
Ty loves to hang around Nina, and I have a cute picture of them playing inside our trailer at last year's annual. If you want to see that click here.

Here's another picture taken during some of the races while Nina and Brady watched others compete as they waited for their turn.

Once the events are over on Sat. everyone is on there own to do whatever they want. Some people take rides, some people take naps, some people eat drink and be merry. We did all of the above. I wanted to ride to Randsburg, which is too far for Nina and Laura to ride on their quads. We opted not to take a long ride, and decided to just hang out at camp. We did take another short putt-putt though.

On Sat. afternoon there was a "happy hour" where we had finger foods and drinks. Later in the evening, we had a raffle.

Sunday came along and day two of the field events took place. This is the day the scramble races are held. There are two tracks: one for the smaller kids (like Nina, and a couple of classes above hers), and one for the older kids and adults. Here's a picture of Nina at the start of her scrambles race. For safety reasons the younger kids don't actually race against anyone else; they are timed and the quickest one wins.
The younger kids are so fun to watch. Nina has come along way in just a few months. It was only in January of this year when she rode for the first time on her quad, and now it doesn't go fast enough for her. Fortunately with the help of Steve Keller, we were able to alter Nina's quad to make it go faster than it did during Saturday's events.

Here's Brady at the start of his scrambles race. This race was held on the big track, and in his class there were only two others. They were on motorcycles. I didn't get to watch this race from the start / finish line. As a matter of fact, I didn't get to watch any of the races on the big track: I was on the race course with a warning flag keeping other people off the track.
Due to one of the boys in Brady's class falling during his race, Brady ended up taking 2nd place. It's kind-of a scary feeling when your out on the track like I was, and you see all three boys go by on the first lap with an adult trailing them for safety. Then only two boys go by on the next two laps without the third or the adult trailing them. That's a sure sign that one had some kind of trouble. Well all turned out okay. The third boy (Steve Keller's boy) took a spill and bumped his head, bent his handlebars, and couldn't complete the race. Thankfully, he was okay.

More to follow . . .


Looks like great fun. I had a motorbike as a teen, and used to ride the trails near my folks house. It was a blast.

Many people around here have quads, (and snowmobiles!!) and drive them season permiting.
It is great fun! Thanks for stopping by Getflix. What part of the country are you from where snowmobiles can be driven?
Rural New England, Dan.
Looks like fun.
Thanks for stopping by Prunella.
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