Monday, May 19, 2008


It's The Most Wonderful Time of the Year

No silly, not Christmastime. It's time for the D.O.M. Annual! In just 3 more evenings, we will be leaving for the desert to join our club at their annual outing: The D.O.M. Annual Field Events. I've lost track of which anniversary - something like the 36th annual. I, personally, have been to the last 10 or so.

Anyway, as with every year, I have to prepare several things before we can go. The quads, the truck, the trailer, and the stuff we will need to take. Considering that we haven't been out to the desert since Thanksgiving weekend, there wasn't too much to do. Awhile back I changed the oil in two of the quads. The other two don't really need it, as they haven't been used too much.

The truck just needs it's tires rotated, which I meant to do yesterday. However, other more important things changed my plans, so I'll have to squeeze that in on Thursday morning. (I will be taking Thurs. as a vacation day for last minute packing and preparation) The only other truck thing to do will be to air up the tires, and gas up the truck and extra tanks.

The trailer isn't too dirty. Just over a month ago, it was used as a hotel room for my sister and her family. They were here from Oregon for my grandmother's funeral. So it is relatively clean enough for use this weekend, with just a quick once-over. I can do this Thurs. too. I do need to fill up one of the propane tanks, which I can also do on Thurs. morning.

As far as the stuff goes, well this is were most of the work needs to be done. I've been washing clothes like a mofo. I still need to make sure all of the other equipment is ready to go, and we will need to do tons of shopping for food, snacks, drinks, and sundries.

In terms of weather, I've checked out the forecast and found out that it looks good. This past weekend in the Los Angeles area, it was unseasonably hot. Some local records fell. The forecast for the Cal City area is as follows: Fri. 76, Sat. 69, Sun. 76, and Mon. 84. This is really good news as far as I'm concerned. I remember one year where the highs were in the upper 90's / low 100's all weekend long. And just two years ago it was unseasonably cold. Click here for the beginning of the series of posts I wrote and photographed.

One last note. As I was writing this, my son informed me about a text message that he just received. Our good friends Butch and Patty, and their kids Joey and Amanda, will be coming out to the Annual. I don't think they've ever been to an Annual. They usually go to the rides from Nov. to April. We really enjoy their company, and have missed them.


Sounds like fun - I hope you and your family are doing well!
We're all doing great Diane. Thanks for stopping by.
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